April Monthly Favourites


Hello. How’s it going today? I’m finding my own answer to that question changes not just day to day but from hour to hour. Mostly ok. Sometimes lonely. Sometimes content. Sometimes anxious. Sometimes lost in a Netflix binge! Sometimes eating a spoonful of Nutella from the jar. 

April was the month that kept on giving and taking at the same time, so here we are with a round up of our favourite things. Join in and let us know what’s been lifting your spirits.

Something to move to…

I started lockdown, like millions, with PE with Joe Wicks. I want to do a little exercise every day but I don’t always want to do it with my kids! I know I feel a million times better for it when I do move and have found Yoga With Adrienne has been helpful to stretch and focus. Then my friend tagged me in a post to join Ryan Heffington’s dance party – GAME CHANGER! Seriously they are SO MUCH FUN, there’s nothing complicated involved and you’re guaranteed an endorphin high. He’s based in LA so live timing usually doesn’t work for us in the UK but I catch them the following day on Instagram stories. You’ll find him live on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Check his Instagram @ryan.heffington for latest times.

Getting a doodle on

Having the kids and their pencil cases around at home my love of felt tips has returned. I came across and enjoyed this Instagram tutorial by Morag Myerscough over on The Design Museum. Morag sets the task of creating three sketch book pieces in 20-30 minutes. Good news, you don’t need to be “good at drawing” to get loads from this. As Morag says, “Your sketchbook is your safe place and it can be for your eyes only so just play, experiment but the key thing is starting it whatever it might be.” My to do lists now have a touch of the rainbow doodles about them!

Something to eat…

Lemon Drizzle Cake is one of my favourite easy recipes. My swear by recipe for this classic is by Tana Ramsay available over on bbcgoodfood.com. This cake doesn’t last long in our house so making two at a time has been the most effective approach – flour and egg supplies permitting of course!

Father’s Day

A little early reminder for those of you in the UK who will be celebrating Father’s Day in June. Take a look at our website and find the perfect CBD Oil gift for the papa in your life.

father's day gift

So, how about you? Leave us a comment with your favourite things this month. We’d love to know what you’ve been watching, reading, cooking, drawing and listening to.


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